Micha³ Karcz
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Most of my works are available for purchase as prints
On the right side of each photo, you can find
the letters which describes the available formats.
When there's no sign it means that the work is not available as a print.


VERSION A: work is available as 15x15 / 20x20 / 30x30 centimeters format
VERSION B: work is available only in 15x15 centimeter format
VERSION C: work is available as 15x15 / 20x20 / 30x30 / 50x50 centimeters format


15x15 - 20 euro / 30 $
20x20 - 30 euro / 45 $
30x30 - 50 euro / 75 $
50x50 - 80 euro / 120 $


Works are printed by DURST LAMBDA laser printer on KODAK PROFESSIONAL paper, glossy or matt.
Each print is numbered and signed and has a limit up to 50 copies.

Any questions about purchasing, paying forms or formats please send via e-mail: