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MICHAŁ KARCZ grew up in Warsaw, Poland. Ever since he can remember, he has been driven to create compelling and unforgettable images of timeless worlds beyond the boundaries of our own. In his late teens, he began his journey as a visual artist using just a brush and canvas. Later, unable to fully communicate the intensity of his images, he harnessed the power of digital photography and photo manipulation software to at last bring his breathtaking worlds to life.

In the pursuit of his art, he has traveled to many wild and remote places to capture thousands of images of forgotten ruins, savage storms, endless skies, windswept deserts, lonely mountains, and hidden lakes. These images comprise the epic foundations of the worlds into which he breathes life - those alternate realities which reside within his dreams, desires, and imagination - comprising the enticing, sumptuous possibilities of the unknown.

He creates cocooned within a haven of music, and under its powerful influence, each piece becomes saturated with a rich, evocative atmosphere. It is one of the many reasons he chooses to create the album art for musicians like Hollywood composer Brian Tyler, VNV Nation, Illenium, Nurko, Michel Huygen, Conjure One, Front Line Assembly, Steve Roach, Between Interval, Jo Blankenburg, and many others. His captivating artwork has also graced the covers of books by acclaimed authors such as Cormac McCarthy, Ursula K. LeGuin, Arthur C. Clarke, and Kim Stanley Robinson.

In addition to his artistic pursuits, Michał's creative vision has been sought after by prestigious clients, and he has worked on impactful campaigns for global brands. Some of his notable clients include KIA Motors, Mercedes-Benz, Virgin, General Electric, and Sony. His exceptional ability to breathe life into visuals has led to captivating advertising campaigns, promotional materials, and mesmerizing brand identities.

Michał is an artist in the purest sense. He stays with his art until the image he creates is as he sees it in his mind and feels it in his heart.

He hopes you will enjoy his work as you encounter these fragments of his self...these lost pieces of his soul. His journey is far from over. The worlds are endless, and so is his imagination.

Join him and travel with him to worlds carved from dreams, to worlds existing beyond the walls of reality.

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